The Mexico mission team made it to Ensenada safe and sound last night. Our flight out of Calgary was delayed for a couple of hours, so it was after dark (meaning 6pm) when we arrived at the Yugo campus. After a long day of travel we enjoyed a warm meal, attended our construction meetings, and had an orientation chapel. Even though it was New Year’s Eve, and they love their fireworks here in Mexico, everyone was tucked in before 11pm.

Construction Day 1

House Build 1

House Build Site 2

Its so hard to capture a day of fast-paced construction and relationship building. We’ve tried our best to capture a few moments and post them to our Instagram account as a “story.” As the two teams arrived back at campus tonight and shared stories from the day, it is clear that God is at work. Both teams have gotten off to a great start on their homes. And even better than that, in the short time that we were together today with our families – a time in which we met for the first time, introduced ourselves across languages, and got busy building a home – the roots of deep, forever relationships began to grow.

Watch our Facebook page, where we will share the daily videos made by the Yugo media team as soon as they are available.

Please continue to pray for our teams, that we may have many opportunities over the next three days to connect with our families in deep and meaningful ways. Already today, Jhana (the mother at one of our home builds) shared with the group that she is seeing God build a home this week. Pray for our families to see the love of God through us. And pray for each of us to grow in our knowledge and love of God through this challenging experience.


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