Been there? Done that? Our family of 5 is just days away from our second mission focused adventure to Mexico. Our intentions the first round were to all go together. We would see all there was to see, feel all the things there was to feel, do all the things there was to do, so that next time just one or two could go and the rest would understand the feelings and the stories. As things have turned out we couldn’t find 2 or 3 of us willing to stay behind!

Troy and I (CoraLee) have been abundantly blessed with a healthy, and most of the time happy family. We have worked hard to raise respectful, hard-working, and somewhat cultured kids while still sheltering them in a safe environment, and most importantly fostering in each of them an understanding of how big and personal their God is.

Our experience 2 years ago on the same type of trip was two-fold. One, we provided a growing struggling family a new home. And two (as if that wasn’t enough), we were awed by the way God used our kids to show His love. It was a win-win for us.

God used our first journey to Mexico to show us that we indeed have amazing children! They worked hard (most of the time). They were respectful (most of the time). And the trip definitely gave them a new perspective on poverty and their role in it. Culture. All the things we work so hard for. And the best part? They got to see first hand in real time how big, amazing, and 100% personal God is!

God doesn’t need us to go to Mexico for Him to show us how powerful He is, how much He cares for us, that He always fulfills His promises to provide for us…but for us, Mexico changed us. We are a little more aware of things that need God’s touch and a lot more aware that He can use us to do it. We are so full of anticipation to try this all again, together.

For years our kids begged to go to Mexico. They had grandiose dreams of a week on the beach at a fancy resort with soft beds, all you can eat buffets and sand castles. Funny thing is…God changed that dream. On our way home from Mexico 2 years ago we heard “we have to do this again”. No fancy hotel, no week in the beach, but… This. Together. Our kids are about to see God at work again. Been there? Done that? Maybe. But God has something new and amazing waiting for us, and we can’t wait! We will ring in 2018 together. The Selleys and 28 of the best people we know. We’d do that over again…no question!


Hi, I am Carla Reimer. I am excited to be going on the Mission Trip again! I went on the Mexico Mission trip 2 years ago and it was a God-inspired adventure. I love to travel and I love serving God, so what a great opportunity to do this again! My life has been turned totally upside-down right now, but in the midst of my pain and hurt I know it’s key to help others that are less fortunate, and who have also dealt with deep hurts and disappointments. God’s command is for us to serve others. I look forward to God using me and our entire team to build His kingdom as we build relationships and houses in Mexico!


I am Melanie Peters.  Not only are we going to Mexico to build two houses, but we are displaying the love of Christ to others, something Jesus calls us to do.  Lyndon and I went 2 years ago with our 4 teenage boys.  I thought the trip would be perfect for our family as we love to travel, we wanted our kids to experience a very different culture, and we love tackling physical projects.  To see Lyndon take the lead on managing the build displayed his wonderful skill as a leader for our family.  To watch our boys work alongside others, particularly laughing with Enrique (the dad), was such a joy.  To have our nephew, Nathan, join us only added to the fun of sharing our experience as a family.  We don’t just build homes for others through this ministry.  We build relationships and memories with the families, and especially within our team.  We rely on each other, and are strengthened as we work together as brothers and sisters in Christ.  We are going again…this time to build 2 more homes, for 2 more families.  Why are we going?  The Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 says “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations….”.  This wasn’t a suggestion, it was a command.  Christ’s kingdom cannot be built without bold, radical obedience.  I look forward to what He has in store for us this time!


Hi, my name is Owen Selley and I am one of many people attending this year’s 2017-18 Mexico missions trip. What I’m most looking forward to is seeing God do his work on all of the people in Mexico. I’m also looking for God to show me many things i’ve never seen before and increase my faith in him. One thing I know that is going to happen this trip is that many people are going to be changed for the better and God will work through all of us to shine his light among all the people in Ensenada.

Hi, I’m Dorrian Selley and I  will be one of the members going on OBBC 2nd missions trip! The reason I am choosing to go one this trip for the second time is because in Mexico the ways that God shows up every single day is unbelievable and you rarely will get that here in Winnipeg with our very distracted lives. Also missions trip are a great group bonding “activity” you could say because it allows/forces you to talk to people maybe you have never talked to before. I went on a missions trip to Jamaica last spring with my youth group and the people who went on that trip including myself have some of the strongest friendships with each other that would have never formed in our regular everyday lives. I am super excited for the trip, to shoot video of what we are doing, to make connections with the family, and overall just to do God’s work that He has set out before us!

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