Today as we continue in our series of introducing our Mexico Mission team, please remember to pray for the two families who will be receiving new homes! You will find videos introducing the families here.

When we include pastor Gerardo’s family, there are a total of 24 people who we will be serving! We are collecting shoes and clothing for this large group of children, teens, and adults. We are also collecting for the women’s shelter run by pastor Gerardo’s church. Anything items you would like to donate may be brought to church on Sunday mornings, dropped off at the office, or at the Peter’s home.

Now, let’s meet more of our mission team:

Meet the Team – Part 2

Hello everyone.  My name is Heidi Hanzmann Lashewicz.  I feel very fortunate and grateful for the life that I have been given.  I want and believe that it is my responsibility to help others with the blessings I have received.  I had been searching for some time how I was going to accomplish this goal, when the opportunity to participate in the Oak Bluff Bible Church Mission presented itself.  I have already met and reconnected with so many wonderful, caring people, and learnt so much from my involvement with the Mission Team.  I look forward to continuing to be a part of the Team.  Thank you Oak Bluff Bible Church for welcoming me to the Mission.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Reg Friesen and have lived in Oak Bluff for 23yrs. My son Brett and I will be going on the upcoming mission trip to Mexico and are looking forward to it greatly! We went two years ago and found it to be a very enriching/life changing experience for all. (not only for the family we helped, but us as well!) As individuals and as a church we do a lot to help people locally, but we are commanded in the Bible to also go into all the nations…..I’m looking forward to getting to know and help another family, working along side my son, as well as drawing closer to the missions team. We are so blessed, and look forward to passing along some of what God has given us! I would appreciate if you would pray for safety, good weather, and love/unity among the team. Thanks!

We, Harry and Audrey Brandt, feel privileged and thankful to be able to go to Ensenada Mexico. There is no greater gift than to give to others, and what greater physical need than to own a home for comfort, warmth, and a place to call your own. It is always great to meet Christians of a different culture and country, and know we love and serve the same God. We’re looking forward to working and being with this amazing team for 7 days. Your prayers for safety, health, good weather, and team bonding are appreciated!

Hi! 🙂 My name is Neera! I am going on the Mexico Mission Trip this year as I feel God has called me to do so. To help those less fortunate than us is such a blessing. During a vacation in India in December 2013 with my family, I saw many families living on the street with nothing more than scraps, sheets, and dirt for houses. Honestly, it broke my heart! I felt like they deserve so much more than this. Nobody deserves to live like this! This is why I want to go and help build these houses for these families in Mexico; to make a difference for the lives of these families. 

Hello out there everyone! Its Tom Hancock here…and I am one of a group of more “senior” travellers to Mexico. This is my second go round and I would not miss it for anything!  All I can say is you are never too old to learn and never too old to receive a gift from God. Like Harvey Wood says..we will be more fulfilled coming home than one can imagine . I owe Gods Community a lot and this home build is one small way of at least trying to “pay it forward”. I ask that you keep our whole build team  in your thoughts and prayers while we are away.

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