This year OBBC is excited to be sending a team of 33 people to Ensenada, Mexico. We will be partnering with Yugo Ministries and the local church to build two homes for families in need.

Prayer is the most important contribution you can make to this mission work, especially in these final weeks of preparation. To help guide your prayers, we will be posting a series of blogs introducing you to all our team members.

Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement!

Meet the Team – Part 1

Hi, I’m Josh Peters and I’ll be going on the 2017 Mexico Mission Trip.  This will be my second time going on this house building trip with YUGO Ministries, the other time being when I went with my family on the first trip in 2015.  This year, I am looking forward to getting to know the families more, and developing a relationship with them, but as well getting to know the team more.  After the first trip, there was a strong sense of community among the group and I would like to experience that sense of togetherness with more of the church, all while contributing to an amazing cause.

Hi, I am Harvey Wood. My wife, Carol and family lived in Oak Bluff for 29 years. Carol and I moved away in 2006. This summer I was invited to join the mission trip to Mexico with the Oak Bluff Bible Church. After hearing about the trip from 2 years ago, I am very thrilled to join this year’s house build. The mission trip is an opportunity to give back some of the many blessings God has given us. We might initially think we are doing this for the family in Mexico, but once there and being immersed in a group of people that have so much enthusiasm for the Lord, we will find out what an incredible blessing they will be to us.

My name is Lauren Reimer and I am going on the upcoming Mexico Missions trip. I am 23 years old born January 28 1994. I decided to go on the 2017 Mexico Missions trip this year, because I went on the first missions trip 2 years ago and I enjoyed the trip. Also its a great way to give back to people who don’t have much, or don’t have a great place to live like we do, and we get to meet more people and make new friends. Also there are some new people who are coming on the trip and some of the same people who are coming on the trip and its a great way to catch up with those people from church and learn more about them. Something that the church could pray for, for me is I won’t get sick while I am on the trip, as well as that I will be able to find the perfect job while I am on the trip, if I get stuck painting, or nailing something like that, just to learn new things. Also that God will speak to me when I am on the trip and show his presence to me.

My name is Isabelle Bossuyt. My husband , Connie, & our 3 children ( Randy, Wendy & Shawnda) farmed in the Oak Bluff area for 45 years, before my husband passed away in 2007. My reason for going on this mission is to fulfill a desire to ” give back ” to the less fortunate that started in 1984 -when I flew to South Africa – where my sister was a missionary for 20 yrs.   During that time she helped the local villages by building an elementary school, as well as a high school! ( as well as a dam – to hold water).  She was/ is my inspiration! I am looking forward to meeting all of our team, as well as the Mexican families involved! Prayers for safe travels, & a good work experience!

Hi, I’m Shawnda Muir from Oak Bluff. I am looking forward to going on this mission trip with my mom Isabelle Bossuyt and the rest of the mission trip team. It is a “bucket” list item for my mom and I, as we’ve both wanted to have the experience of helping the less fortunate in a different country.  And I love building and construction, so seemed like a perfect fit!

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