Join us Sunday Mornings!

Dec 9th- Jan 6th

@ the Oak Bluff Recreation Centre HALL

  • Prayer Meeting @ 10:15 am
  • Service @ 10:40 am

(We return to the Oak Bluff Community School on January 13th)

Meet Our Interim Pastor John Reimer

John and Connie Reimer are our new interim, and very approachable, pastoral couple. They come with a wide range of life experiences in pastoral and missionary service. They have served three different congregations as a pastoral couple and have been in Nicaragua and, most recently, Mexico, doing 'life on life' church planting.

They have three married children and four grandchildren who are living in Winnipeg and in Perth, Australia.

John loves the outdoors, mountain biking, hiking, running and birding. Connie enjoys cooking, music and teaching.

We look forward to hearing Pastor John's messages on anticipation:

  1. Anticipate that together we will grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ (Col. 2:6-7).
  2. Anticipate cultivating meaningful and deep relationships (Jn 13:34-35).
  3. Anticipate making prayer a high priority (Col 4:2-4).
  4. Anticipate that our outreach will grow out of love for God and our neighbor.
  5. Anticipate cultivating a culture of thankfulness and appreciation.

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